What is koyuston.tk?

Another dank Mastodon instance. Just be cool and nice and play well. For awesome people only. I'm just sitting here and watch if anyone is doing bad stuff. We also accept other non-German-speaking people.

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Home to 33 users
Who authored 1,401 statuses
Connected to 792 other instances

Some basic rules

All kind of people are welcome. Please do not things on this instance, which are illegal in Germany or other european countries. Bots aren't allowed here too, only with permission from the instance admin. If I see some instances, which are some kind of strange, I'll block them too. I will block those Gnusocial/Friendica servers as well, because they don't play nice with Mastodon or people moved from those servers to Mastodon.

If you need more information, check out our terms of service and privacy policies


  • no violent nationalism or national socialism
  • no cp, furry-porn, animal-porn and loli
  • no sexism
  • no racism
  • no links to illegal content
  • no spam
  • no ads, business accounts on request
  • no hatespeech
  • no blackmail
  • no begging
  • no harassment
  • accounts from services i've created
  • you can be whatever/whoever you want
  • game of thrones references
  • and lots of shitposting and dank memes

Please tag:

  • porn/hentai
  • spoilers
  • (mental) health issues
  • religion
  • politics

Please report bad people :)

The admin can do whatever he wants and can override rules!

So, grab your 420 and have fun!

Currently blocked/muted instances

  • mstdn.jp (blocked)
  • friends.nico (blocked)
  • mstdn.osaka (blocked)
  • kirakiratter.com (blocked, too old software)
  • mstdn.kemono-friends.info
  • pawoo.net (muted, sometimes cp)
  • noagendasocial.com (blocked, because of many harassment reports)
  • gs.smuglo.li (blocked because of harassment and loli/cp)
  • manx.social (blocked because of many free speech trolling reports and admin supporting it)
  • anitwitter.moe (blocked, untagged porn)
  • social.targaryen.house (blocked, untagged porn)
  • kinky.business (blocked, because of lots of porn accounts)
  • mastodon.nara.jp
  • sealion.club
  • freezepeach.xyz
  • kitty.town
  • quitter.es
  • quitter.se
  • gnusocial.de
  • libranet.de

If you don't want your instance to be blocked or muted, just message me.

Impressum nach §5 TMG

Julian Eric Ain
Dorfstr. 34
24217 Wisch


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